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Take Your Time by Julie Johnson COVER REVEAL

boston boys

FROM INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR JULIE JOHNSON comes a new full-length romantic comedy about a girl determined not to settle… and the alpha who tears her careful plans into pieces...

× RELEASE DATE - JULY 11, 2017 


Delilah Sinclair has a certain reputation. Maybe it's the way she walks (in skyscraper designer heels) or the way she talks (in total absence of a filter) or simply the shade of her hair (strawberry blonde). Maybe it's the string of broken hearts she's left across the city of Boston. (Sorry, boys.) For Lila, catching a man's attention is never a struggle. It's the part that comes later – the happily-ever-after part – that always seems to trip her up. All her friends may be settling down, but this fiery redhead has no intentions of ever being tamed… Until she meets a man just as wild.
Luca "Blaze" Buchanan is the best fighter to come out of Boston in years. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and no one smart ever bets against him. He's more
savage than knight-in-shining-armor, but that suits him just fine: he has no plans to ever allow a woman to domesticate him. That is, until a certain sultry redhead finds herself in need of salvation. In the midst of sudden danger, their slow-burning attraction sparks into something far hotter… an inferno neither of them knows how to put out.

One thing is indisputable: no one is walking away without getting singed... ** TAKE YOUR TIME is a full-length contemporary romance about a girl determined not to settle… and the alpha who tears her careful plans into pieces. It is the fourth installment of the internationally bestselling BOSTON LOVE STORY series and can be read as a complete standalone. Due to sexy scenes, a sassy, red-headed heroine, and a bossy, unbearably sexy hero, it is recommended for readers ages 17 and up. **



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The Beauty of Us by Kristen Proby COVER REVEAL


From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes a sexy, new standalone contemporary romance in her Fusion Series, THE BEAUTY OF US! Releasing August 22, 2017, don’t miss the amazing cover and blurb below!


New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby delivers another sizzling novel in her delectable and sexy Fusion series.

Riley Gibson is over the moon at the prospect of having her restaurant, Seduction, on the Best Bites TV network. This could be the big break she’s been waiting for. But the idea of having an in-house show on a regular basis is a whole other matter. Their lives would be turned upside down, and convincing Mia, her best friend and head chef of Seduction, that having cameras in her kitchen every day is a good idea is daunting. Still, Riley knows it’s an opportunity she can’t afford to pass on. And when she meets Trevor Cooper, the show’s executive producer, she’s stunned by their intense chemistry.

Trevor’s sole intention is to persuade Riley to allow Best Bites TV to do a show on her restaurant. But when he walks into Riley’s office, he stops dead in his tracks. The professional, aloof woman on the phone is incredibly beautiful and funny. But can he convince her that he’s interested in Riley for himself? Or is he using the undeniable pull between them to persuade her to agree to his offer?


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And Don’t Miss the First Three Novels in the Fusion Series, LISTEN TO ME, CLOSE TO YOU, and BLUSH FOR ME!

About Kristen Proby:
  New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of the bestselling With Me In Seattle and Love Under the Big Sky series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong, humorous characters with a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen lives in Montana, where she enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.    

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Children of Vice by J.J. McAvoy REVIEW

Children of Vice (Children of Vice, #1)
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I, Ethan Antonio Giovanni Callahan, first son of the former head of the Irish mob, Liam Alec Callahan, and former head of the Italian mafia, ex-governor, Melody Nicci Giovanni Callahan, solemnly swear to ruthlessly protect our family name, business and way of life, no matter the cost to me or anyone else. I shall show no mercy; I shall offer no forgiveness; there will be no peace for those who stand against me.

I will live for my family.
I will kill for my family.
I will marry for my family.

I, Ivy O'Davoren, the only daughter of Shay O'Davoren, solemnly swear to ruthlessly and mercilessly exact revenge on the Callahans and all those who betrayed my father and family. 

I will live for revenge.
I will kill for revenge.
I will marry for revenge.


You devoured the Ruthless People series. Now it’s time to revel in the reign of the Callahan children…

Stand-alone sequel series to Ruthless People series. You do not have to read Ruthless People series beforehand .

It takes a special mind to write mafia books. Your characters can't just be ruthless, they have to be calculating. They have to be so many steps ahead they're not even in the same place as their adversaries anymore. As I've said before, the Ruthless People series borders on OTT a lot but with this spin-off it seems to be slightly more grounded. 

Ethan is the son of the Mad Hatter and Bloody Melody and basically there was no way he was ever going to be anything resembling normal but just like his parents, he has a wonderful public persona. Ethan was raised as the first child of the Italian-Irish alliance and it's nice to see that continued. He was a bit colder than I was expecting but I found myself trusting him and his decisions pretty early on regardless. 

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy. In any series where you have to take the place of someone as insane as Melody Nicci Giovanni Callahan, you might think it would be impossible to even try. Instead Ivy is not only a great character, she's the perfect other half for Ethan as well. I found that I really loved her personality and the manner in which she dealt with things. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty and she wasn't afraid to let people know what she was thinking. I loved her.

Evelyn is still alive and kicking as are her sons (yes, I said sons) Neal and Declan, the uncles are more background but Evelyn really has a special bond with Ethan that was lovely to see.

We get introduced to Wyatt and Dona to see where they are at this point in their lives. It's certainly...interesting. I cannot wait for their books to see my final thoughts on them (hint: I only currently like one of them).

I didn't like how Liam was seen through the eyes of the kids, given the events of the final book I was under the impression he wouldn't have been a terrible father and yet, he really disappointed me. 

The cliffhanger though! I can't see anyway out of it that ends well for all the characters (which is why I'm not an author, let alone a crime/mafia author) but I'm still hoping beyond hope everything works out in a way that doesn't break my heart.  

Rating: 5 stars

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Guzzi Duet by Bethany Kris COVER REVEALS

Unraveled: Guzzi Duet, Part One

by Bethany-Kris Guzzi Duet #1 Publication Date: June 5, 2017 Genres: Adult, Mafia, Romance, Organized Crime
Cover Design: Mignon Mykel at Oh So Novel Designs

I'm so excited for these books!

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